Seeing Green

River Island Trouser /  River Island Floral Blouse / Primark Shoes

In my opinion, there is no greater feeling in the world than waking up to rays of sunlight shining through my bedroom curtains. I love the summer breeze that cools my room once I get up and open the windows. It is in these moments I feel the most at peace.

It reminds me of that scene in Cinderella minus the singing birds…

I love to dress according to my mood and today was definitely a day for colour!  I paired these green trousers with a floral top. Normally, I might try to offset the bold green trousers with a subtle blouse, but today I wanted to go all out. For shoes, I opted to go with some white heeled sandals. This outfit makes me feel like no one can kill my vibe * Kendrick Lamar voice*

I’m off to my BFF’s birthday party tonight then I’m going back home for a Game of Thrones marathon!

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