4 in 1 makeup sponge: Airbrush Coverage

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Hello there, how you doing Welcome back to my blog. This product I’m going to rave on about is a 4 in 1 makeup blending sponge that was sent to me by Nanshy, after taking part in the #BHTwitterparty couple of weeks ago.

Nanshy is a UK based beauty brand producing high quality makeup tools that are always 100% cruelty free. As a girl who’s addiction to makeup and its tools grows everyday, I was happy when I received this beauty from the postman.

I must admit, I’ve never used a makeup sponge before as I’ve always used makeup brushes when it comes to applying my makeup. At first glance, I liked the packaging as I thought it was really cool because of how professional and sleek it looked with the contrast of black and white, and the product visible as the packaging has a see through front.


The 4 in 1 sponge is designed to be multi- tasking and easy to use as it’s fine tips is perfect for blending in corners and contouring around nose and eyes while the rounded bottom is used for blending larger areas of the face and to roll on your foundation giving you an airbrush like coverage with smoothest finish.

Another awesome part is that the latex free sponge is very soft which makes it easier to use and clean. The micro pore formulation allows the sponge to stay damp grabbing just the right amount of make-up. You’d think such an amazing product would retail for more than £10 but it’s only £5.95.

Thank you for reading, See you later, Ciao