Time for pancakes

It’s hard being a working girl as it means having to miss important life events such as Pancake day! So, when my friends and I decided to meet and catch up on life I thought it would be the perfect time for us to have pancakes. Oh… and drink wine, as you do.

Known for making her famous American style pancakes, we all asked Zahra to make them for us. She actually filmed a tutorial for these pancakes on Youtube as well. If you want her recipe click here for a step-by-step guide.

Pinio Grigio wineOnce we were done eating, Zahra and my other friend Dino filmed a relationship/sex related video. We then listened to afrobeats while we drank wine. A little intoxicated, we all did karaoke and recorded ourselves on snapchat.

It was nice catching up with them because for those hours, the problems and stress we are facing didn’t really matter.

How do you spend your nights in with friends? What are the activities you do with them? As always I love to read your thoughts on my posts and pictures so please share them below. See you all tomorrow, Ciao xo 🙂