Lobster Kitchen

There are three things I spend my money on – Food, clothes and transport. So when I hear of a new restaurant, I put aside everything I’m doing and head off to give it a try.Sauces handle and Game

My partner in crime, Zahra heard about Lobster kitchen via twitter, told me about it and we went to give it a try. Getting to the location was confusing. We accidently walked way past it because of how small the sign was. When we finally found the place, we walked in and I was taken aback because of how casual the place was. The interior of the restaurant is inspired by Maine in the U.S, and the fishing culture. They serve lobster in variety ways.

Lobster Mac and cheeseI ordered the Lobster Mac and Cheese, garlic Lobster roll and a diet coke while Zahra ordered deep fried pickles, the same Lobster roll with a cream soda.

Deep fried Pickles

The Lobster roll was satisfying, however, I was disappointed with the Lobster Mac and cheese as I’ve tasted better. Zahra enjoyed the lobster roll as well, however she said that Burger & Lobster is better. I haven’t been there yet but I’m planning to try it soon! We wanted to get sweet potato fries but they had sold out – strange considering not many people were even in the restaurant.

Overall, I would say Lobster kitchen isn’t the best place to go if you want a fancy dinner. It would be great for lunch time during office hours or with a friend on the weekend.

Have you been to lobster kitchen? What was theworst restaurant you’ve been to and why? As always I love to read your thoughts on my posts and pictures so please share them below. See you all tomorrow, Ciao xo 🙂