Ping Pong


The best things come in small portions 

Dim Sum, Sauces, Japanese food, Chinese Food, Scaloops and shiitake dumpling, spring roll, Ping PongPing Pong Ping Pong Ping Pong Ping Pong IMG_8033 Ping Pong

Two weeks ago, I went to Stratford Westfield with my friend to pick up my package from Zara – a dress I wore last week Saturday to Cosmopolitan Summer Party and LCM. So keep your eyes peeled on here for a blog post 😉

Once we were done, we picked up couple of products from MAC, M&S and Boots. Then head off to Ping Pong to have dinner.

As soon as we walked into the ultra modern place with great ambience, a very pleasant member of staff met us and escorted us to our table, he explained how to order and gave us some information about the dishes. The menu was very extensive; I ordered flowering jasmine and lily tea while my friend ordered black tea keemun gonfu. For the food we opted for crispy prawn balls, scallop and shiitake dumpling, prawns and chive.

The presentation of our food was beautiful and so was the food. On thing i enjoyed the most was watching the flowers from my tea blossom and spending some quality time with my friend.

Hope you all are well? Have you been to Ping Pong? Make sure you follow me on my social media site to get a glimpse behind the scene of bumascloset. Until next time… Ciao! Xo As always I love reading your comments on my posts! It literally brings a smile on my face.

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