LC:M Christopher Raeburn SS16 BORNEO

LC:M Christopher Raeburn SS16 Burneo

Come on in and explore the wild side with Christopher Raeburn SS16 LC:M Collection

ChristopherRaeburnSS16-07-620x930 ChristopherRaeburnSS16-11-620x930 ChristopherRaeburnSS16-15-620x930 ChristopherRaeburnSS16-22-620x930 ChristopherRaeburnSS16-26-620x930Although LC:M just came to a close, Christopher Raeburn presented his Inspired “Burneo” SS16 collection at the old sorting house last week Sunday. Raeburn Blended his renowned animal prints and tribal influence with Borneo military surplus by including air break parachutes, sleeping bags, work wear denim, and bivouac making jungle survival apparent throughout his collection.