Colour Changes Everything

IMG_8703Notice anything? … I’ve been Spangled

Colour changes everything Colour changes everything Colour changes everything Colour changes everything Colour changes everythingColour changes everything

Spangled Leggings | Spangled Vest Top | Linzi Sliders

Although I’m still considered a young adult, I can’t help but feel like I’m growing up way too fast especially since I’ll be turning 23 in a month. Desperately hanging on to my younger years, I thought I shake things around by infusing a fun outfit in my wardrobe.

On this sunny day, I set off to the park with my friend Tosin to have a picnic. However, due to unforeseen circumstances we settled for a long stroll in the park. We spoke about our current life situations and where we would like to see ourselves in 5 years since we are worried about what life has in store for us. Once we spoke to our heart content, I proceeded to capture this outfit for you. What are your thoughts on this outfit? What’s your favorite thing to do on a hot summer day? Are you also on the same boat as us? Please share your thoughts on the comment section below. If you love this post please don’t forget to like and share on your social media. It puts a smile on my face.. Make sure you follow me on my social medias to get a glimpse behind the scenes of bumascloset. Until next time… Ciao! Xo

Blog Pictures Photographed by Tosin