Sweet Perfection


PrilleiThis place is best for Soho Scenesters. click the read more button and swoon with me ….Prillei

The moment my friend and I entered Princi in Soho, I knew, from looking at the expression of the other customers that I was in for a delightful dining experience. Personally, I can tell a great deal about the meal ahead simply by evaluating the atmosphere at other tables. If the rooms is packed with lots of customers gossiping and a general clattering of glasses it means the food is excellent.

Princi is a trendy bar with stunning decor that serves traditional Italian food with sensible prices. I ordered a glass of Dogojola, Carpineto and a plate of pasta alla Norma while my friend ordered the same meal with sparkling water. Once we were done, we had a little chitchat, contemplated on getting those scrumptious desserts you can see above but decided to go home, as we were exhausted. I recommend this restaurant to those that enjoy authentic Italian food and a great ambience.

Have you ever been here before? How was it? If you haven’t been there, would you love to visit? Let me know below, as I love reading your comments. Ohh btw you don’t have to be a blogger to write your comment down below. Catch you all tomorrow, Ciao! Xo