The Camel Two – Piece

The Camel Two - Piece

Feeling a little bit under the weather, the only place i could keep warm while i slay this outfit for the third time, was to stay indoor.

The Camel Two - Piece The Camel Two - Piece The Camel Two - Piece The Camel Two - Piece The Camel Two - Piece The Camel Two - Piece

Hi dolls! Hope you’re well and having a lovely day. Yesterday was quite an emotional day for me as I put out a post stating an intimate experience I went through. Nonetheless I thought I bring to you an outfit I currently love which is my camel two-piece, Luxemme sent to me.

I’ve always admired two-piece outfit on others but skeptical about wearing them since I’m petite and all. However I thought I spice up my style a little and try something new. When I received the package, opened it and tried on the outfit. The top fitted me perfectly well but the trouser was a little long on me, so I used a product called Gum Stay to alter the length of the trouser.

What are your thoughts on the outfit? Would you style it differently? If yes, how would you style the outfit? Let me know in the comment section below. Until next time… Ciao x

Photographed by Tosin

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5 thoughts on “The Camel Two – Piece

  1. I’m not petite, but every pair of pants I try on are always too long. I’ve learned to sew a hem so I can get my pants to fit right! This outfit looks cute on you though, I’d put a pair of gorg earrings and a cute bag and I’d walk right out of the door. 🙂

    xo Jenn | Hello Wench


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