7 things i’ve learned in seven years post secondary school


Sometimes a short walk down memory lane is all it takes to appreciate where we are today3The anniversary snuck past me so fast, I didn’t notice it’s been 7 years since I walked across the bleak assembly hall of Stratford school in Upton lane, Forest gate.

While it doesn’t feel like seven years has passed, when I think about the girl I use to be, I can hardly recognise myself. I was excited to reinvent myself, but I was also scared and clueless.

In the past seven years, I’ve spent two years studying at college and three years studying at university. I’ve fallen in and out of likes with guys, gotten my heart broken, made lots of friends, and of course started my blog.

It’s been roller coaster journey through these years. So here are seven things I wish I could tell my younger self.

Popularity Means Nothing

When I look back at my secondary school years, the laughs I shared, the activities I did, the bullies I tried to be cool with, the friends I disobeyed my parents for will mean absolutely nothing. Honestly, no one, I mean nobody in the real world cares if you were popular back in the day.

Boys are not be all and end all

if the boy you like doesn’t like you, it’s not the end of the world. Never compromise who you are to please a boy and never let a boy come between you and your friends. If your friend doesn’t like him, RED FLAG! if your mum doesn’t like him, bigger RED FLAG! run away from him. Run as fast as Usain Bolt.

4You’re beautiful

Looking in the mirror to remind yourself that you’re beautiful isn’t vain. Confidence is everything and that’s the first step you take to gain your self-confident. Never compare yourself to other people.

Side Note: you don’t have to be pretty like her, You can be pretty like you.

Look closely at the quality you possess on both inside and outside, acknowledge them and be proud of them. No Bunmi you don’t need rhinoplasty, you’ll grow into your nose and you don’t need boob job, you’ll eventually like your petiteness

You wear your heart on your sleeve and it’s perfectly fine.

You’re going to get emotional and that’s fine. I hate to break it to you kiddo but it gets worse with age. you’re going to meet people who will make you feel bad about it but ignore them. Let yourself cry, let yourself scream, let yourself laugh until you cry. Allow yourself to feel every ounce of your emotion because bottling it up will lead to a meltdown and child! … Aren’t nobody got time for that!

Nothing Last forever

Everything eventually comes to an end. That’s the good news and bad news. All the struggles you will go through will come to an end and it will get better. Also, all the great times will eventually come to an end so live in the moment and enjoy every single part of it.

You go to university to find your bridesmaids, not your husband

Child! the friends you make in the university are important so be super choosy, not just because you are most likely to stay friends with them after graduation but they will be the ones who are with you during a time in your life when you grow up a little but change a lot.

Stand up for yourself and drop those toxic friends

Your opinions and feelings matter so voice them. Learn to say NO and stick with it. People who value you, care about you and love you will acknowledge your feelings, respect it and never do it again. Keep those friends you can talk to at 2:00 am about any and everything close to you. Most importantly, friendship changes and that’s ok!

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What are the thing you’d like to tell your younger self. Comment down below.

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