Dear Single girls: Don’t settle


Here’s why you should never settle, Ever
10As you all know, I turned 24 three days ago. Eeeek! I have been told your 20s are the most crucial period of exploring who you are and what you want. Although it’s the truth, it’s also a bit of a conundrum when it comes to the dating world. It seems like every time I log onto a social media website, I see someone making a pregnancy or engagement announcement.

Most of my closest friends are currently in a serious relationship while I find myself wading through the casual dating scene. I feel nowhere close to finding the love of my life.  I realised there are a few reasons why I haven’t settled down with just any guy that has come into my life.

11Dating someone completely wrong for you

I recently went through what seems like a “date someone who’s completely wrong for you” season. We were not compatible at all. The situation wasn’t the best but it has taught me what I want in a life-long partner. I realised my picky and sceptical characteristics are needed in terms of dating.


13Don’t settle and command your respect.

Just because you want to change your Facebook status from “single” to “in a relationship”, doesn’t mean you should settle for a guy who treats you like crap. You are a Chanel bag baby, not a Primark tote. You need to command respect because you deserve it. Otherwise, you’ll end up being a doormat. Be strong and learn that respect is crucial in a healthy relationship.

Childish games

I am guilty of ‘accidently’ sending a text that was meant for my friends to guys I date. It’s an immature habit that needs to die hard. It’s important to avoid getting caught up in the ‘he hasn’t text me for x amount of time, so I won’t message him for x amount of time’ to teach him a lesson. It’s unhealthy. Someone who’s worthy of my time and attention won’t do that to me. Neither should I.

Don’t force things

I need to believe that what’s meant to be will be. Take your time to get to know someone and live in the moment. A guy who wants to get to know you will court you.

12God’s timing is the best

It’s easy to tell someone to wait for ‘that butterfly feeling’. You know the feeling you get when you know someone is different, and that they are meant to be in your life. I’ve had that feeling plenty of time, and those guys are nowhere to be found. What I’m saying is that when you meet a guy, ask God for guidance. Put him at the centre of everything, pray to him about this guy you’ve just met. In due time, God will reveal all to you.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

I’m a very eccentric lady. I love the smell of petrol, Vicks vapour rub and paint. I love to sing even though I’m bad at it. I often get into this weird childish mood that can’t be explained. I love sappy movies and music. I cry while watching chick flicks and Christmas movies. I’m always late to almost every thing even when I try my best to arrive super early. I’ve had to learn to love my personality. It took me a while but I’m loving every ounce of myself. Quirks, flaws and all. So the right guy who’s meant for me will love everything about me.

Until God tells me a guy is meant for me, I won’t settle for just any tom, dick and harry.

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