Rose Gold


A touch of glam doesn’t hurt.
As much as I’d like to admit, Winter is coming. Get my reference. There’s so much I hate about it: the frisky winds that suddenly turns into a snarling beast that hurls tiny pellets of pain on your face, the layered clothing, getting dark before 4 and crispy leaves residing on the side of the pavement. Nonetheless, I would like to talk about the hottest trend of the season that had everyone obsessed this summer. Rose gold is a colour that’s not as gaudy as gold. It exists between luxury and fashion and goes in and out of style. Although the colour of the season for me is white, it’s always good to add a touch of colour to my outfits. I went to Primark to snag this gorgeous rose gold rings. It came in 6 pack mixed rings. Even though I’m not much of an accessories person, these ring takes my style to the next level.

I couldn’t find these rings online. But I’m sure you can purchase them in a primark store near you. What are your thoughts on them? Leave your comment below.

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