OMG! The Best Box Braids Ever!

Today I’m excited to share with  you the birthday present i got from my mumsmall medium box braids, small box braids hairstyles,single small box braids, small long individual box braidsBox Braids are one of the most popular go-to protective hairstyles for black women. If you don’t have the time to deal with your natural hair or you’re currently going through the transition phase like I am then this style is perfect for you. It’s low maintenance, can be styled in countless ways and last for months when you take proper care of it.

Tired of wearing weave ever so often, I opted for braids. I got my hair done at my mum’s hairstylist in Kent. This hairstyle can take up to 10 hours to get done. Well, it depends on the length and thickness of the style. I can’t wait to rock my braids in different styles. If you’d like to see the ways I’ve styled my braids, please comment down below. Also if you want my mum’s hairstylist contact info, don’t hesitate to tweet or email me.

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