The Harsh Reality of Being a Blogger


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fashion blogger, full-time blogger, lifestyle blogger, reality check, Most people think that being a blogger is an easy and glamorous lifestyle. When I explain the harsh truth, people stare at me in disbelief. I can understand why people think the blogger lifestyle is glamorous, social media and magazines are engulfed with pictures of bloggers in stunning clothing on Instagram, and blog posts on “how to get paid being a blogger” selling the lifestyle that anyone can get paid to take a couple of photos and write a little paragraph about the outfit.

People often think bloggers are the living the dream because of their beautifully curated content on social media. Not all bloggers get paid, bloggers with a lot of  social media followings are the ones that get paid.


fashion blogger, full-time blogger, lifestyle blogger, reality check, Being a blogger takes a lot of time, hard work and efforts. You need to learn and master a lot of skills: writing, editing, photography, SEO, graphic design, coding, social media management, marketing, networking, pitching ideas to companies and much more. You’re constantly on the move, trying to juggle your personal life and meeting clients deadlines. It’s expensive to get started; you need a laptop, camera, and lighting.

That said, blogging has given me opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for my blog and I am grateful for that. Blogging has allowed me to share my experience, connect with and inspire others. I hope I continue to do so for much more years to come. Being a blogger has its perks but be prepared for the hard work and expenses that go with it.

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