The Ultimate Lazy Girl’s Style Guide To Autumn

Autumn/Winter 16, Fashion, Woman's Guide, Autumn

Minimal, no fuss dressing with a touch of white has never been coolerAutumn/Winter 16, Fashion, Woman's Guide, AutumnLast Month London offered a gorgeous weather, it was sunny, hot and dry. I made the most of it because I knew weeks later would transition to the autumnal weather and unfortunately, I wasn’t wrong.

Autumn/Winter 16, Fashion, Woman's Guide, AutumnAs cooler temps signal us to switch up our wardrobe, I went on a sweater-weather picking bender in my wardrobe. The Turtleneck jumper is a piece I have rocked before. The cream tone and cut of the jumper called out to me when I spotted it last year on New Look Website. You can wear this piece beneath a faux fur coat, or any jacket towards the winter months. With a little sun beaming through, I got away with having my arms uncovered for this day.

Autumn/Winter 16, Fashion, Woman's Guide, AutumnAll too often I hear that women don’t wear white jeans because it’s seasonal. I like to tell you that the rules have been broken, it can be worn all year round. White has been creeping its way onto all of the major runways for a few seasons now so it’s time to get onboard. That said, the easiest and affordable way to embrace white is with denim. I find that you can wear so many autumn pieces: thick turtle neck jumpers, blouses, shirts and body suit which make them the most worn trouser option for me.

Autumn/Winter 16, Fashion, Woman's Guide, AutumnBefore I pack up my summer sandals, I thought I take it round for one last trip. What pieces are wearing this autumn? is there any trend you like to try this season?

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