The Time I dated a Married Man

Nothing good happens after 2 am – words I should have taken heed of when my mum said them. On this particular night, I was out at a club with my friends when I noticed this guy following me around, trying to dance with me. I’m that girl in the club that hides behind her friends and stays on the phone all night to avoid dancing. I can’t dance to save my life. As the club was about to close, this guy saw his opportunity to dance with me and took it. I shrugged him off and went back to our table. While I was talking with my girls, I turned around to see this guy hovering around us, trying his best to get my number. Eventually, I gave in, and we exchanged contacts.

The other woman, Infedilty, Cheating Husband, Relationship, Yoruba Demon,The next day, I woke up to his text and we spoke for a while. After that, he went silent for a week, no text, no calls. So I forgot about him. On my friend’s daughter birthday, his number popped up on my screen, and our conversation started. That night I went over to his because I didn’t want to go home early, and we ended up sleeping together. Yeah, this was my Britney oops I did it again moment. I went home upset because I didn’t plan to sleep with him. On my way home, I told him he didn’t have to call me again if he doesn’t want to. However, he assured me that he would.

My intuition told me to check his tagged pictures on Instagram and that was when I saw pictures of his wedding day – the traditional and white wedding

Everything was smooth sailing, we would see each other once a week, talk, eat and have sex. Until one day I saw a picture of a beautiful baby girl as his WhatsApp display picture. I asked him about the baby and he told me that was his daughter. Shocked, I asked why he kept her a secret and he explained that we have talked about her before. I must have made a passing comment, asking him if he has children. When he said yes, I took it as a joke. I shrugged it off and we continued our conversation. I mean most guys at a certain age have kids and he wasn’t exactly young. So, it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. 

Weeks later, I found myself developing feelings for him. True to fashion, I carried out my typical social media investigation, looking for the skeletons in his closet. After hours of finding nothing, my intuition told me to check his tagged pictures on Instagram and that was when I saw pictures of his wedding day – the traditional and white wedding. This guy was clean, no sign of a woman living in his house. Upset, I sent him lots of messages and called his phone until he called me back. That night we spoke and he told me about their history, which I won’t delve into because it’s not my story to tell. However, he said they were separated. The logical side of me thought if he knew he didn’t want to marry her, why did he go through the stress of getting married. Just because you have a long history and a baby doesn’t mean you have to be together to be a family.

The other woman, Infedilty, Cheating Husband, Relationship, Yoruba Demon,Everything went down hill from that point on, we argued over stupid things, started seeing each other less and phone calls only happened once in a while. It was just draining. Fast forward to my birthday month, we had an argument and ended up insulting each other, so I blocked him on everything. On my birthday I was surrounded by my family and received lots of birthday wishes which made me very happy. I opened my email, only to see the birthday wishes he sent me. In the email he said he had a surprise for me and I should come to receive the present when I’m ready. I quickly told my friends, who warned me not to message him. But I didn’t listen to them. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t listen… well my emotions overruled my head. We started talking again for a short while, however, I haven’t gone to see him. Days have passed and he is currently out of the country. I no longer have the urge to call or text him. I feel like focusing on myself has made me get over him. I am finally free from the married man.

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