Intimately Yours: How To Care For Your Undergarments

Washing Lingerie, Washing your bras, Bra Care, Lingerie Care, What your lingerie needs from you 

Washing Lingerie, Washing your bras, Bra Care, Lingerie Care,

Styles change, trends fade, but one fashion principal will always remain the same, the importance of a well-chosen undergarments. After all, lingerie is more than mere an unparalleled relationship, for undergarments are the eloquent piece of a woman’s wardrobe. And that’s because it has an incredibly transformative power. Any woman with a sexy little black dress will know the confidence lingerie pieces can inspire.

The average woman owns nine bras but only wears six on a regular basis. But that’s just the statistics. Some lingerie fanatics, like myself, dedicate an entire section of our closet exclusively to our undergarments. But whether you own nine sets, or hundred, it’s become clearer that extending the longevity of your lingerie is a good idea. Especially those lingeries that can break the bank. Agent Provocateur and Victoria Secret, I’m talking about you. Here’s how to keep and clean your lingerie, so it remains in its best condition.

Washing Lingerie, Washing your bras, Bra Care, Lingerie Care,

I can’t stress this enough, never wash your bras, shapewear or underwear in the washing machine. Although the best method is to hand wash using mild detergents, you can use a lingerie bag if you’re in a hurry. Always hook your bras to prevent them from catching on one another. To prevent the elastic fibres in your undergarment from deteriorating in the high heats of dryers, always air dry.   Washing Lingerie, Washing your bras, Bra Care, Lingerie Care,

The proper way to store your bras is to stack them vertically atop their underwear, with the hook done up, just the way you see them arranged in your favourite lingerie store. Don’t fold one cup into another, as it can encourage rippling, and don’t leave the hooks undone to prevent accidental pulls. I prefer to keep bra and one underwear in the same drawer so that I can match the sets when I’m getting ready.

You shouldn’t hang corsets or bustiers, as the weight of the garment will cause stressing and pulling. Instead, rolled them for storage. With a little bit of care, your lingerie will be as beautiful as the day it was first purchased.

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