Five Fun Things To Do In London This Winter


It’s tempting to snuggle in a big blanket with Netflix and comfort food until the first sign of spring, sounds like a reasonable option. London has plenty to offer throughout the year, but during the festive period, there is a vast array of activities to do with your family, friends or significant other. Come out of hibernation, save your heating bill and join in on my adventures. Here are my best picks of the best things to do in London this winter, which I know you’ll love.

Winter Wonderland 

Before you start rolling your eyes, thinking how original, the organisers have gone above and beyond to create a wintery vibe, the food, alcoholic drinks, hello mulled wine, entertainment, adding a few creative spin into their rides and stalls. You have to see it, to believe me. It was truly the best date night with Zahra.

Vauxhall Winter Village 

If you want to chill out apres-ski style, but hate the idea of a going down a frozen mountain on two plastic poles, this place might be the best solution for you. You’ll find fun stuff like retro ski wear photo booth, a winter sports bar showing winter athletics on the big screen, and more. One thing I will mention is the food was mediocre, unappealing and unfilling. Other than that, it’s a vibrant place to go with your friends, on a date night, and with family.

Southbank Christmas Market

Supported by Natwest, the winter festival at Southbank has a collection of chalets with Christmas shows, cider lodge, family-friendly rides and carols, helping you get into the Christmas spirit. Also, It’s the best place to get last minute Christmas presents for loved ones.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Although it’s quite impossible to get into the Cathedral, the perfects way to spark the holiday spirit is spending an evening in St Paul for their Christmas carol, helping the less fortunate by giving to charity fundraisers. The events are free.

Bump Roller Disco

If the thoughts of falling on ice, while ice skating in the cold scares you, then Bump Roller Disco is the spot. This place is furnish with flashing lights, loud music, and a roller bar, perfect for drinking while skating. If you’re a non-drinker, there are lots of options available for you.

Have you been to these places? What are your thoughts on it? Are you planning on making a trip to these venues? Let me know, in the comment below.

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