New Changes Pending

New Changes PendingAs we bid au revoir to 2016, and looking forward to the new year ahead, I’ve done a lot of self-evaluating that will prompt new changes in my life, this coming year.   

New Changes PendingNew Year resolution is a tradition. A lot of people make them and find it easy to maintain it, while others find it incredibly difficult to retain it. Unfortunately, I’m one of those that find it hard keeping the novelty alive after a few weeks, which often leave me beating myself up for failing to achieve the goals despite my intentions. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to how I feel.

New Changes PendingAs 2016 draws to a close, I took some time off for myself to gain some perspective on situations that has transpired and self-reflect. I realised I’m probably not the easiest person to get along with when I don’t get my way, which is selfish. Although I’ve learnt to be assertive while being nice to everyone, I need to deliver my message without sounding rude or defensive. Working on my tone is high on my priority list.

New Changes PendingI know I should have done it, kept telling myself I’d do it but occupied myself with other tasks hoping it will magically disappear. However, The big D, not that one you dirty cheek, won’t go away until I book my theory test. Throughout this year, I’ve had my family and friends constantly encouraging me to book my theory test, learn to drive and buy a car. However, it hasn’t been a priority of mine, due to the fear of failing. I’m determined to pass my driving license, hopefully, get my first car and leave the public transport lifestyle.

New Changes PendingAside from my desire to travel a lot more next year, I’d love to be open to adrenaline rush type of adventure, live in the moment, laugh a lot and document my experience on my youtube and blog.

What are your New Years resolution? Are you making changes that will propel you to be your best self?

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