Late Brunch At The Bird In Westfield London


As a Briton, the idea of Chicken and Waffle sounds awfully bizarre. Is it breakfast? Is it dinner? I can’t fathom the craze, Southern Belles from America have with this meal. Nonetheless, It left me in a curious state of mind. I’m no stranger when it comes to eating waffles, a dessert I eat as a reward for working hard at my job and I also love chicken. I guess the meal won’t be that bad, as I mutter to myself while replying back to my friend, Tosin who couldn’t wait to have brunch with myself and Maria.

Westfield London Chicken and Waffles America Food Inside the Westfield shopping mall, Bird is neatly tucked away at the back of the food court on the third floor. Their menu is relatively small, making easier to choose a meal without being overwhelmed. After glancing through the menu, my choice stood out to me straight away. I ordered Chicken and Waffles, so did Tosin and Maria. The chicken wasn’t well seasoned, rendering it tasteless, however, it was succulent.    While I was eating, it dawns on me that the magic of the meal is combining the chicken and waffles, spreading their butter on top of the sandwich then deep it into the syrup. Rather than eating the meal separately, it’s a lot more enjoyable when combined. Overall, I would rate the meal 6 out of 10.

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