The First Date Prep

facetune-133The cute guy You’ve been flirting with, asked you out on a date. Now, what? Read up on my tips on how to prepare for a first date, from what to do and where to go facetune-137Going on a first date with someone new is always the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking experience. I remember when I got myself acquainted with the dating world, hearing the name of my date would instantly give me butterflies, with thoughts on what to wear, what makeup look would tie in with my outfit, things to talk about on the date and much more. As I’ve gotten the knack of dating, I feel much confident to share some tips on how I prep for a first date.

Hygiene is important. Prepping the night before, as well as on the actual date night is essential. I’ve repeatedly said on my blog, looking good makes you feel good, which boost self-confidence. I always make sure I paint my nails, shaved my legs, and do the essential skin care regime.

Look The Part
I have a rule. Pick one body part to show off and cover up the rest. Either boobs or legs, not both. I tend to gravitate towards outfits that aren’t revealing but show off my curves.

facetune-134Picking The Venue
If you’re in charge of the evening, pick something that isn’t expensive or over-the-top. When selecting the restaurant, opt for a place that has a fairly wide range of dish on their menu. If you’re an adventure type of person, plan something fun that keeps both of you in mind.

Safety First
Before the meetup, make sure your family and friends know who you’re with, leaving his details with them, in the case of an emergency. Also, let them know the location of where you’re both heading. Remember, Safety first.

facetune-136The Meetup
Ideally, the guy should pick you up from your house and drive you to your destination. However, if it isn’t the arrangement, meet at the location and don’t be late. Lateness shows you don’t value the person’s time and it’s a bad first impression. If you know you’re running late because of the transportation, let your date know.

Dining Table Etiquette
Throughout the night, sit straight up and maintain a good posture, it shows confidence. Also, don’t use your cell phone throughout the date, it communicates disinterest. You can always check social media on your way back home.

Charm Him
Asking questions and listening are crucial on a first date. People love it when you ask about their life and show interest. If you feel like the conversation is getting boring, change the subject into pop culture or current affairs. However, avoid politics, religion, previous relationship and money conversations.

Pick your dish
I’m always considerate of what I order. Just because you’re on a date doesn’t mean it’s a free pass to order the most expensive meal on the menu. If you can’t afford it when you dine at that restaurant, then don’t do it someone else. Instead, pick something at a mid-range price point. I always take the cue from my date, I see what he orders and opt for an equivalent or lesser value. Acholic drinks should be at a minimum. Let your date get to know you in a sober state.

Order food that is easy to eat and don’t require using your hands. While eating, use your knife and fork, cut each bite to a manageable size and chew quietly. Loud chewing is so not ladylike.

The Bill
It’s always the make or break for me. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but I believe a gentleman should always pay on the first date. With that opinion, I always navigate the bill by subtly offering to pay. It’s essential you leave your house with money, just in case your date wants to spilt the bill.

The Goodbye
By the end of the evening, you can tell whether or not there will be another date. Some dates end disastrously, or sparks are flying. However, the goodbye is puzzling. If you want a second date, you can imply you’d like to do it again. Give him a warm hug and thank him for the meal. However, if you can’t get away from him fast enough, shake his hands, thank him for dinner.

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