Prepping For London Fashion Week

Lonimg_2919The ultimate steps to preparing for fashion week. 

img_2914The marathon of mayhem known as LFW is nearly upon us, where women leave their foolish past mistakes, to come together to celebrate a week we love. While the world is still reminiscing about valentine’s day, eating their heart’s desires and thinking about the next holiday, the fashion industry is in hibernation, preparing for the jam-packed schedule ahead. With the week’s worth of socialising, snapping endlessly, running between shows, staying up till late nights either making deadlines on the shows you’ve watched or attend the after parties, it can leave one without a moment to spare. Now that I’m taking LFW seriously this year, I made a vow to prepare my body, mind and soul for this coming event.

Spa and Salon Appointment
I think, we all saw this paragraph coming. A trip to the styling salon, nail shop and wax appointment is going to be a priority for my appearance. Looking good means feeling good. I want to feel my most glamorous while I attend shows.

img_2916Organising My Wardrobe
Previously, I’ve failed to plan outfits for each day. But this season, I’ve decided to put my wardrobe on the priority list. I’m going to try to dress as comfortable as possible, while still keeping my stylish cool. And I can’t wait to showcase my outfits!

Just because the fashion industry is a parade around with Skinny people, doesn’t mean we don’t eat. Often, we are running halter skelter trying to get to different shows, changing clothes with our camera around us can get tiring, so we need snacks, food and water to stay nourished and hydrated. I’ll make sure I have a refillable bottle for my water, enough money to book restaurants to eat and catch up with other influencers.

My phone and camera are going to be busy as I am, while I’m Snapchatting or taking pictures, I want to avoid the mishap of a dead phone and camera. I’ll be sure to carry my rechargeable battery around with me. Also, I’ll be sure to bring my camera bag to keep my camera and phone safe.