Why I don’t Chemically Process My Hair Anymore

Dear Future Bunmi, congratulations your present self made one a decisions and you’ll thank her for it. Also, to my readers, this is why you should do the same.  facetune-143Quick update, I’ve gone down the natural hair root journey. Massive shout out to all the natural hair girls, and to all you guys with varying hair types. I’ve just stepped into my room, after washing my hair in the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, a thought slipped into my mind. It’s not certain if it’s because I’ve just finished binge watching My Wife and Kids, or using Shea Moisture products, or excited that my newly found method of washing my natural hair is working for me or the combination of the three that has prompt this post.

As far back as I can remember, I was a huge fan of the relaxed hair. I would see girls in glossy magazines, in my favourite American Tv shows, and ladies at the hair salon when I followed my mum for her monthly hair care, with those long, silky hair and I would long for gorgeous hair. For months, I remember begging my mum to have my hair relaxed, exclaiming on my dire need to have hair like dark skin Claire in Season one of My Wife and Kids. She caved in. Soon after, every month, year after years, I would be in the salon feeling the sensational burn, looking forward to the final result. Looking back now, I’m very disappointed in my younger self, especially knowing what I know now. During those years, as a result of chemicals, my hair experienced breakage, which prompted me to cut all of my hair and start over again. Months later, I found myself back at the salon, relaxing my hair. It became a vicious cycle.

facetune-142With natural hair being all the rage, watching tutorials on youtube, and seeing my friends successfully transition from relaxed to natural, I made the conscious decision to go natural and stick with it. Although relaxed hair gives the illusion of beautiful hair, getting one step closer to the European beauty standard, being on self-discovery and learning to love myself wholeheartedly, I felt it was right to embrace what God gave me. The natural hair industry is now huge and filled with so many amazing products that work well with varying hair types, making relaxed hair a distant memory. I’m now a total convert to the natural hair life. Every month, or two after taking out my braids, or protective hairstyle, I would step into my bathroom to use products that are going to repair and nourish my hair.