Can You Smell The Cities In You?


img_2990Celebrate life’s indulgent moments with this three scent this summer Blogging allows me to explore many forms, from beauty, fashion, food to documenting my personal life. I seek out inspiration wherever I go and in whatever I do. Adventure is the ultimate source of discovery, along with that I need essentials that would make sure I look good, smell good without many fuses. Hence why I tend to have a perfume or two, in my bag that can easily transition from day to night. Most of the outings aren’t always super important for my luxury perfumes to come along with me. The easy and affordable fix is to get perfumes that smell designer alike, giving me an incredible scent for my day-to-day.

img_2992The perfumes are title known cities in the world, Tokyo, LA, and Ibiza. Tokyo is well known for its rich culture, LA for its perfect weather while Ibiza is the ultimate holiday spot to escape the bustling of London. Three places express my longing for the sun, fun and culture. With the white body and gold nozzle, Tokyo radiates notes of white flower, vanilla in a musk and fruity essence that smells like spring is around the corner. A great scent for ladies with a taste in a subtle but effective smell covered in feminity and sweetness.

img_2996Just like LA, the woman is seductive, sweet and flirty, making it a scent that compliments herself and the city. She’s the woman that is spotted running out of the beach, body glistening, with a smile on her face as she wraps her hands around her hair, squeezing out the excess water. She’s the confident, girl next door.

img_2993I’m in awe with this scent. It invites you to the tropical party island with its blue sky and crystal clear water in a bottle, with a tassel trim. It’s fruity, sensual, and flirty, making it the perfect scent for summer. It’s been the most grab perfume from the collection.

Are you tempted to try any of the perfumes?