Lifestyle Change: Why I Stopped Drinking

I am a naturally sensitive, open-minded, loving, quirky extrovert. As a child, I enjoyed being around people, dancing and playing with dolls. However, other kids refused to hang out with me. So I’d try to win their attention by bribing them with money and food. I grew up feeling alone in the world. So, when I came to this country and the same pattern kept repeating itself, I started drinking at the age of eighteen to fit in.

I was good at drinking heavily so I went from being the unattractive girl to a popular kid at Uni.  I would drink to deal with feelings of being isolated and different. Although I’m an extrovert, I am somewhat reserved. Drinking made me develop a strong persona of being the life of the party, the person that others would flock to for excitement and laughter. I would frequently attend social events and gatherings that had lots of alcohol. It got so bad that I would be at lectures drunk or hungover and soon enough people jokingly referred to me as an alcoholic.

After Uni was over, I continued drinking to cope with the issues, which you can read here. As I got closer to God, I realised drinking alcohol and late night outings was bad for me. I decided to change my lifestyle by separating myself from friends I felt I needed to impress all the time and I stopped drinking and smoking.

A month after my change in lifestyle, I noticed my skin became clearer and I had a new level of energy. I didn’t dread waking up the next day hungover after an evening with friends. This has made me aware of people who love me for me and  I haven’t looked back since.

Update: I took the 16 personality test, and I’m a Protagonist personality (ENFJ, -A/-T). It explains my behaviour. You should definitely check it out.