Why Skinny Shaming Is As Bad As Fat Shaming

Throughout my younger years, I made trips to the doctors, followed the food supplements that they recommended, cut junk food out of my dietary, and made sure I drink lots of water. Thus far, I’ve seen no changes to my weight.

On this day, I got home after a stressful day at work, welcomed home by my mum and guest. As soon as I walked through the door, the guest was fascinated that I could wear a skirt, with tights in this blistering cold temperature. Immediately, the guest bent down to touch my ankles with her hand, drawing attention to my skinny legs and I knew what she was insinuating. I looked up at my mum, who was standing at the top of the stairs, waiting to see her reaction to what had just transpired. But I was met with a face that agreed with the guest, which infuriated me.

Being subjected to name callings is nothing new, I’ve been called skinny, bony, angular, skeletal and much more. I’m sure a lot of you would think, that I’m lucky to be skinny and that my size is the ultimate body goal. But when you’ve been a particular size for so long, being body shamed, you’ll quickly grow tired of hearing the word skinny as a compliment. The annoying part is that my mum knows about my high metabolism rate condition, yet my body weight is a constant topic of conversation. What’s with african parents assuming that a skinny girl diets, or thinks being skinny is a bad thing. Why is it impossible to shift the weight debate to health, rather than looks.

Words like ‘Real men only like meat, and something they can grab on’ is offensive. I’m an advocative for body positive empowerment, feeling good within yourself, and eating healthily. We can embrace every body type, without putting another down. I know my mum’s concern comes from a good place, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that every time she talks about my weight, It makes me feel self-conscious, which in turn I don’t want it to affect my self-confidence, I fought so hard to gain.

I guess this is just my little rant, I can’t, and won’t tolerate this disrespect from anyone, not even from my mother.Love yourself, Skinny girls are winning so are bigger girls, everyone is winning. Enjoy your life and live it abundantly. Remember if you don’t have anything nice to say, you probably shouldn’t utter any words.

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