How To Appear More Confident

To be frank, I have no new secrets I’ve discovered.

It’s a fact that confidence is the key to success in many areas of our life. However, it’s somewhat elusive. For some, confidence comes naturally, but for most, it’s harder to achieve especially in unfamiliar situations and people. Rest assured you’re not alone. This simple steps will help you feel and appear more confident, enabling you to speak up and increase your self-esteem.

Standing up straight is an immediate confidence conveyer. Think back on the body language, the person you deem confident conveyed. Were they fidgeting with their hair, slouching or looking at the floor? The answer is probably No. Let your body do the talking, pick a stance and stick with it.

Make and maintain eye contact. Eye contact is crucial for increasing perceived confidence, without it, you’ll appear inattentive. When you speak, look at the listener’s eyes, or if you’re in front of a crowd, alternate between them, it’s something that makes the recipient feel connected. Try and practice with a friend to feel comfortable, to avoid a creepy stare.

Be mindful of your tone. Speaking quickly or in a low tone of voice can make you appear less than confident. I encourage you to speak slowly and clearly, taking your time with your sentences it will give you the time to articulate your words. Practice listening to yourself talk, if you want to improve and feel more confident in your next interaction.

Be a good listener and be empathetic. Listening is just as important as speaking, you can communicate respect with your facial expression. Be genuinely interested in what the speaker is saying and ask questions on what you’ve heard. Doing this will show that you care. Everyone wants to know that people listen and care about what they are saying, even if it’s completely irrelevant to the other person’s life. It brings me to being empathic, putting yourself in other people’s shoes, is a good way to get people to open up to you with ease, without the fear of rejection.

The more you practice appearing confident, the more it comes to you naturally.