The Journey of creatives

This shoutout is for people like myself. If you’re a stranger looking in from outside, feel free to step into our world, only if you can survive it.

Monday’s are known as the bane of people’s existence. It’s the day of the week people dread, as they wave goodbye to the weekend, and welcome the daily responsibilities that come with being an adult. However, I was looking forward to this day, particularly, because of the awful weekend I’ve had, and I couldn’t wait to start a fresh, with peace of mind.

My Monday routine entails deciphering of dreams, praying, then checking my phone for messages, emails and social media. I cleared my schedule so I could spend the day alone, watching my favourite shows, eat and sleeping. But when opportunity knocks, I make sure I answer it. This time I made sure It didn’t interfere with my day of doing anything. While I was on Twitter, a message came through my DMs. It was a photographer who had an interesting opportunity that peaked my interest. We exchanged numbers, and he spoke in great detail about what the opportunity entailed then came to a conclusion that we’d work with each other.

Although I was enjoying doing nothing, being the workaholic that I am, my brain was working overtime, thinking about the week ahead. As the minute went, and the opportunity presented itself, I asked if he knows of stunning locations to shoot, and I got the perfect response that he know lots of places that are aesthetically pleasing. While the writing dots appeared, I realised I’d like for him to take my pictures, but I can’t afford his fees. However, he suggested taking my pictures and made me a deal I couldn’t refuse.

THE JOURNEY OF CREATIVESOur conversation continued, I asked questions about his journey of being a creative and photographer, because I know being a creative is a rollercoaster ride filled with highs and lows. It’s a never ending journey. Despite all odds, with companies wanting free labour and exceptionally executed results, making promises that are only beneficial to them while refusing to acknowledge that you, as a creative have needs, and wants, can get frustrating. And if you’re an African child, you have your parents telling you to go the corporate route, which will generate monthly income while keeping your creative side on the back seat.

Although we can argue that parents have the best interest at heart, most dreams are worth pursuing. After all, the CEOs of the corporate companies started from the ground up, worked extremely hard for years before reaching their reputable status. Take the likes of Stormzy, Patricia Brights, Partickta, Samantha Maria, Desi Perkins, Zoella, Conna Walker, and much more all have two things in common, they started from their bedroom, and are creatives in the form of music, makeup artists, and influencers. It took them years of hard work, Nos, probably a lot of tears, and self-doubts yet they are at the top of their game, making a name for themselves. Even though I’m working and striving hard to get to their status, and much more I’m still in the struggling process, facing all odds, trying to maintain a healthy emotional and mental state. As for now, I’m going to enjoy the process, give thanks for the things God has done for me, will do for me and keep striving to be a better person than yesterday.
Shoutouts to all my creatives, it isn’t easy but, we will get there soon. I’m making a toast to our future successes, little and big, see you at the top.