The Sexuality Question

I’ve seen an attractive girl and said I’d tap that. But all my sexual experiences has been with guys. Minus that time in the first year of university when I had sex with a girl and liked it. Occasionally, kissed girls, mostly my friends when I previously use to get drunk. Sometimes, jokingly saying my friendship with my closest friends aren’t solid, if we haven’t seen each other naked, or kissed. If you think I’m questioning my sexuality, then you’re right, I am.

Two nights back, I was on the phone with a friend, we spoke about our sexual escapades, explicitly talked about out likes, sexual fantasies, head game and much more. As the conversation progressed, and curiosity got the better of her, she asked a simple question. Are girls better at giving head than men? To which I said yes. Minus the biological nonsense to reasons why women are better, they focus their energy on making sure the other person is happy. In return, I told her that I was questioning my sexuality because of a co-worker at work, who I felt an instant attraction to, and not the shallow attraction. After all, she likes girls, kind of hit on me, and cute. Plus, mother nature is taking its course, which has made me horny and willing to sex anything that has two legs.

As I uttered those words, our conversation went into a whirlwind of questions and double standards. Why is it ok for women to be sexually fluid while it’s frowned upon men who are sexually fluid? Does every woman have the tendencies to be bisexual? Would you try swinging to spice up your marriage? And a sex dungeon. Would you have a sex dungeon? As these questions popped out, we answered the questions with our opinions. Let’s say I concluded that I’m bi-curious. I may be attracted to certain girls, just not enough to have a relationship with them.

Has there been a moment when you questioned your sexuality? Were you freaked out by your thoughts?