Summer Love, Date Ideas And What To Wear

Although I’m a singleton, the endless ideas of date night activities during the summer make my heart flutter. Summer is the time of the year that naturally enhances your mood, and make you feel happier because of the light exposure that gives a therapeutic effect, which sometimes motivates healthier food choices, endless fun activities with friends and family, most importantly the sweet romantic date night activities with a new date, or partner.

Being a hopeless romantic, I often romanticise the perfect date night during summer. Perhaps, a picnic in the park, or boat, a day trip to Alton Towers, watching the sunset go down, a weekend trip to a remote cabin that filled with activities. Whatever the activities, we need the dress that accommodates spontaneity that comes with the day. During this period, I tend to opt for dresses that can easily transition from day-to-night. Ditching the pinks, white and the colour of the year, green, I’ve opted for a little number that comes in blue.

In collaboration with another blogger, Cecilia from sistertalks, we set the scene in the park, capturing the outfits, and environment of a summer date. As seen in the picture, she’s wearing a black lace top, pairing the white trouser with heels she bought from Boohoo. During our shoot, she vlogged the behind-the-scenes, then proceed to ask questions regarding Christianity and feminism. Can you be a Christian and a feminist? What are your thoughts on our outfit?