Summer Is All About Secret Menus

Years back while at uni, I would always order food from restaurants secret menus around spring, and during summer. Being a Foodie, I’m always on the hunt for restaurants that revolutionise dining experience. Discovering that some of my favourite restaurants have secret menus, that contain delicious food, and are picturesque made my heart squeal with joy and now I’ll like to let you in on the secret.

During my three years of uni, I’m without a Starbucks drink in one hand while the other hand would be busy carrying my bags. Each day, I’m spotted different flavoured drinks, with people questioning what it’s called and how to get order one, however, I would keep my lips closed, and smirked as I walked away. With Starbucks adding new drinks like the green eye, raspberry cheesecake and cap’n crunch frappuccino, my addiction is bound to surface and stick around. Among the newly added options, the menu contains the frappuccinos, lattes, macchiato, and speciality drinks perfect for a hangover cure. Underneath the frappuccinos option, you can order the apple pie, banana cream pie, biscotti, butterbeer, birthday cake batter, candy cane, captain crunch berry, chocolate covered strawberry, cinnamon roll, cookies and cream, cotton candy, Ferrero Rocher, French vanilla, fruity pebbles, grasshopper, and much more. While the Latte option has the butterbeer, chocolate pumpkin spice, with the macchiato containing caramel snickerdoodle, raspberry caramel.

Pizza fanatic would rave about eating a cold slice of pizza from the night before as breakfast. What if that could change, and get the option of all day breakfast pizza which contains full English breakfast on a pizza. On domino’s secret menu, you get the option to have breakfast on a pizza. This pizza isn’t available in all locations, but you can always piece it together with their make-it-yourself system if you can’t get it by quoting the name.

Since, I’ve tried Shake Shack, converting people into a fanatic, I can’t get enough of their food porn like food. The delicious meals extend to the smack shack quad burger, filled with cheese and flavours that have the ability to clog your arteries. Other options include shack burger with pickles, Shake Shack Style Ice Cream Sandwich, “Chilli” Pepper Cheese Fries, the infamous Shandy which is a hybrid of beer and lemonade.

In my opinion, Five Guys is the equivalent of shake shack, offering different taste bud. The double grilled cheeseburger, along with patty melt are on the list of their secret menu, with cheesy fries.

Admittedly I’m not a big fan of Burger Kings, but their fries keep me coming back, along with suicide burger, rodeo burger, veggie whopper, fring. BK BLT and club are options for pork eaters.

You can also order Dosent from Duck and Waffle, gold leaf dumplings from Mr Chow, tortilla dog from The Diner, the smokin’ bacon burger from Dirty Burger, a peck’em cocktail from the happenstance, bacon naan at dishoom.

Before signing off, I’d like to add most of the meals aren’t on the official menu, some employees won’t know the ingredient that creates the meal, which can make it difficult when ordering. However, showing them the pictures would clarify it for them.

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