An Act Of Kindness

Losing friends often lead to gaining new ones that are meant to be in your life for a season, or forever. My old friends, along with the new ones that have joined me on this journey called Life have shown me acts of kindness that continue to inspire me to be a better person. Their actions vary from showing a forgiving attitude towards me to understanding my needs, wants and respecting my wishes. Above all, they have a relationship with God and are Christians.

At a point in time, I prayed to God to remove all things, and people that weren’t right for me and replace them with Christians who are strong in the Lord, and positive influence. Right now, I can see my prayer come to fruition, and it’s making me excited. Although it takes an obscene amount of shenanigans from someone to annoy me, once I’ve reached my limit, I can be unforgiving, and have the tendencies to hold a grudge. However, an act of forgiveness a friend shown towards me despite disappointing her one too many times has made realised me that forgiving someone means having no grudge against them.

The second act of kindness was a lovely lady I barely know, offering to buy me lunch when I have insufficient funds. Her actions have shown me the ability to give freely to others in need. I pride myself on being frugal, which means I hate spending money, especially on people I barely know. Because of your actions, I’ll loosen the ruins on being frugal. Shoutout to others that have done the same to me.

The third act of kindness is a lovely lady I know from uni, you’ve been an amazing friend, and I don’t let you know that, often. Your soul is as beautiful as you are.

The fourth act of kindness is to my beautiful friend who is readily available to take blog posts pictures, trying different angles to capture the best pictures of me. You’re awesome, trap queen lover.

The fifth act of kindness is to my lovely Portuguese princess who is readily available to listen to my worries without the judgemental vibe. I can have the rawest, honest conversations with you.