Ways To Beat The Blues

It’s hard changing your mood when you started the day on the wrong foot. With these tricks, You’ll be back to your full self in no time.

Throughout today, I’ve been in a bad mood. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep, temperature and irregular eating habit that has made me feel a little low. But it has affected my work ethic, and I’m not pleased with myself, as I can’t help but micro-analyse the body language I have projected to people. Not only that, I’ve been second guessing myself, worrying about the smallest things, which have invertedly made me think the worst. While I’m writing this, I’m trying my best to pinpoint the specific cause. Maybe it’s has something to do with the ever-changing pace of the blogging and social media world, the uncertainty and craziness of life. No one knows what will happen to blog and youtube in years to come. Am I still going to be struggling, or would I have become a success in five years to come? While I’m happy for bloggers who have made a name for themselves, I can’t help but second guess myself.

Although I’ve been feeling a little blue due to my anxieties and worries, I get so fed up of feeling that way, as I don’t want to damp people’s mood, So, I tend to use these few tricks to turn my day around.

Pinpoint your Problems

I’m a firm believer of regular emotional checks. That way, It’s easy to pick up on those early warning signal when your resilience is plummeting. It’s important to pinpoint what’s going on, why you’re snappy with people and not smiling as much. Instead of saying that you feel awful, look for a concrete reason for your unhappiness, so that you can fix the problem.

If you want to allow yourself to stew in your sadness, by all means, go through that emotion. I tend to listen to songs like you had a bad day by Daniel Powter. After a while, I take a moment to be grateful.

Take A Moment To Be Grateful

It’s incredible what writing down things you’re grateful for, can do to your spirit. It’s a powerful antidote to the urgent feeling of stress and lack of control. It’s impossible to be in a depressed state and grateful at the same time. Every day, we wake up, still clothed with a roof over our heads. Write down everything that keeps you feeling happier and focus on those things. For me, I might be anxious about my career and love life, but everything else is great. My family and friends are well and happy, living great lives. Some are getting married, engaged, pregnant and finding new things that make them happy. That for me is more than enough.

Did you know that your brain records a victory? Another way to stop yourself from feeling negative is to take action. Hold the door for someone, give food to the homeless, and speak positive affirmations.


Changing your perspective means changing sceneries. I tend to walk around, listens to new songs, just be careful about the content you choose and take deep breathe. Remember a few sec of listening to bad news can disrupt your mood. Try your possible best to fill your ears with positive news and songs.

Remember it’s just one day or a week, it will pass.