50th Birthday Dedication To My Wonder Woman

A wave of your love engulfed me the moment you found out you were pregnant with me when you were twenty-four going on twenty-five. Despite the circumstances that surrounded you at the time, endearing an obscene amount of pressure to abort your pregnancy, because they felt it would hinder your progress in life, you kept a brave face and stuck with the decision of having me even when your future seem too bleak. Determined to prove everyone around you wrong, which you did, you persevered and held on to God. You’re the epitome of strong, beautiful woman, and I can’t thank you enough for your sacrifice and endless love.

There were days we didn’t know where our next meal would come from, moving from places to places seeking shelter, paying for my private school because my education came first, with the below average salary you earned as a teacher in Nigeria the first thing you do is treat ourselves for Mr Biggs each month. I vividly recall holding on to dear life when a fight occurred on our street, and the Hausa’s raided people’s house to kill, I asked you that night if we were going to die, and you told me our life is in God’s arm and no evil shall come before us. I also remember that night we were out when a bomb exploded, on our the way to safety we met a pregnant woman, whom you helped her because she was lost, and could barely run. That was so selfless, and I admire you greatly for thinking about others in the face of danger.

We have weathered storms together. I’m incredibly grateful that you turned fifty in good health, at a better place in life, and still have a forgiving heart in a world that throws situation to turn you into a cold-hearted person. I’m still shocked that we survived it all, and continue to survive. We are survivors, your strength, resilience, determination and assertiveness are the characteristics I’m glad I’ve got from you. I’ve watched you grow from strength to strength, achieve the impossible, been the career and family woman. You showed me it’s possible and can have the ability to draw strength within yourself to forgive someone who didn’t apologise for their behaviour towards you. Dealt with the crap my dad gave you, and still came out on top. You’re my Wonder Woman. I love you from infinity and beyond. HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!!.