Happiness Is Loving Your Stretch Marks and Scar Body

Have you noticed a change on Bumascloset?. Aside from the vacation pictures, did you noticed something different about it?. I know what’s probably on your mind, and to ease it, No, I didn’t get plastic surgery. I’ve just shown off my scars and stretch marks with no apology.

HAPPINESS IS LOVING YOUR STRETCH MARKS AND SCAR BODYI’ve always had complexity with my scars and stretch marks, and I’m sure most women can understand the struggle. Having gone years trying products that promise to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and even skin tone, I cleared out my body lotion, and cream cabinet that promised such when I realised that embracing skin conditions are also part of cultivating self-love.

I was eight years old when my mum noticed pimples-like spots, Bullous Impetigo, covering my legs. Bullous Impetigo is a bacterial skin infection caused by insect bites, affecting the face, legs, nose, mouth, and arms. The red spots appear on the legs which turn into blisters that eventually break, oozing cloudy like fluid which quickly dries into yellow-brown crusts that can be itchy and painful.

Soon after, she would use a wet cloth to dab my legs to take my socks off because of the yellow-black crust. All, I remember was the agony and pain I felt which would trigger off the water works. As I grew up, I learnt about the societal standard of attractiveness and increasingly focused on my appearance so I would fret and try every trick in the book to cover my scars. It was a constant battle of unhappiness and pain because of my love-hate relationship with my body. Also, having stretch marks further knocked down my confidence especially when it came to being intimate with someone.

HAPPINESS IS LOVING YOUR STRETCH MARKS AND SCAR BODYIn life, we see picture perfect models with flawless skin in the magazines and on social media and wish we had their body when the reality is that they use Photoshop to achieve that desired body. No one is born perfect. Our body is like the car our soul drives. Sometimes you hit a bump that scratches your car, probably repair it but the dent would always be there as a constant reminder. Sure, you could trade your car in for another, but you’ll always be you. You can’t escape yourself. That said, loving yourself is easy said than down and if this post resonates with you, here are ways to build a relationship with your body.

The mind is a powerful thing that can hinder or propel you in life depending on your perspective. Sometimes it has the habit to control our brain into nitpicking our scars, but we can take charge by controlling the way we view our body. Accept and acknowledge the reality, and allow your mind and heart to rest peacefully with it.

You would go the extra mile for your family and friend, adore and shower them with love but neglect your body who has being the best friend to you. Your body has nourished, healed and will reproduce so why would you hurt the person that has kept you alive. Your body needs your love, not criticism.

HAPPINESS IS LOVING YOUR STRETCH MARKS AND SCAR BODYBeauty is in the eyes of the beholder. There’s someone that will be prettier, smarter, funnier and well rounded than you but they’ll never be you. Look in the mirror, shift your eyes away from your scars, stretch marks or body imperfection and focus on the parts of your body you find appealing. If you’re having difficulties pointing out your beauty, then call a friend that you can trust to stroke your ego by naming the things they like about you. There’s no shame in doing that, trust me your friends will be happy to comply. And if you have nobody to stroke your ego, you can rely on me to do that for you, feel free to talk to me on my social media. Or comment down below. Remember, you’re drop dead sexual even with those scars.