Luxury At Sea: NoSoloAqua Beach Restaurant

NoSoloAgua, Portimao’s Portuguese and Mediterranean beach culinary sits atop Marino de Portimao, provides an unrivalled panoramic view of the Atlantic ocean. Upon arriving at the Praia Da Rocha, we stumble across the private beach club that draws you in with the pool bar, on-beach sunbeds, lounge chairs overlooking the water, hanging shades, old sea chest and strings of light looped around palm trees, creating the desert-island feel.

The restaurant offers a relaxed feel during the day as you lounge on the bed for a tan and sips your cocktail while the sound of the waves gently soothing you to sleep, and a chic, romantic and elegant feel by night. Come night time guests can enjoy cocktails and dinners while you recline with a cashmere blanket.

The menu is pleasurable to vegetarians, as well as meat lovers. During the second return, we navigated our way through the exquisite menu, delving into their sushi, cocktails and fruit drinks suggestions, enjoying the innate attention to detail and excellent service that was provided by the cute waiters.

Calinfornia, Menu, Cocktail, 5 Star, Praia Da Rocha, Sun Loungers, Sea View, Oyster Bar, Sea View, Portimao Restaurants, Algarve, Portugal, Things to do, Luxury Beach Restaurant, Travel, Sangria at Portimao, Private Beach, club restaurant, Beauty Berry, SushiThe price point is on the splurge side, but it’s worth the money. I highly recommend this beach restaurant. Note: there are two types of relaxation in NoSoloAqua, the poolside, costing money for an entrance fee and the private beach charges money for the beds.