Ways To Stay Healthy On Holiday

Holidays are best for unwind, rejuvenate, experiencing a new environment and trying something new. As the days for my holiday loom closer, I spoke to my travel buddy about my sudden panic that entails keeping my healthy regime as I soak up the sun. With my new eating pattern as a pescetarian, I can’t afford to throw away weeks of rigid plant and seafood based food on one gluttonous getaway. As I delve further into research on Portugal staple dishes, the stress was lifted off my shoulder as I discovered that they are known for their seafood and planted based dishes.

However, this might not be the case for you, making getting away from guilt-induced fly and flop holiday unable to avoid. Now I’m making the mission easier with ways to stay healthy and still have the time of your life with my top tips.

Water should be your go-to. Being on holiday brings the temptation of swapping water for endless alcohol. However, the confined space of an aeroplane and it’s recirculated air, being out in the sun can dehydrate your body, exhausting you in the process. To avoid the exhaustion, make sure you always have a bottle of water everywhere you go. Staying away from the hotel to seek adventure has to be the best boost for keeping healthy. Instead of hailing a cab to get to the next best scenery, my travel buddy and I agreed to go the distance by foot as the best bet to keep fit and discover new picturesque scenery. Also, depending on hotels or resort, you can mix things up by signing up for yoga lessons, and swimming is also a great way to keep fit.

Food makes the world go around, whether you’re a fussy eater, on a rigid eating diet, or vegan, you’ll be sure to find a place that has alternatives on the menu. And if it isn’t, it doesn’t hurt to request an alternative at the restaurant or hotel. And if you’re on a self-catering holiday deal, there are supermarkets around you that have all over the world section, making it the safer option for you. Also, watching your portion size and swapping sugary and fatty food content for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Travel, Armacao de pera, sra da rocha, marinha, benagil, carvalho, algar seco, carvoeiro, ferragudo, private beaches, black girl in pink coral swimwear, bikini, black girl with braids by the sea, Keeping healthy on holiday, Holiday in Algarve, South of Algarve, Portugal,We’ve covered that drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and walking are the best ways to stay healthy, but getting plenty of rest after a day of exploring and soaking up the vitamin D from the sun is very essential. Running yourself down can often lead to becoming ill, and can affect your holiday experience. So skip that party or entertainment to build your immune system by having a good night rest. Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself if your healthy eating didn’t pan out the way you imagined. Giving yourself little treats doesn’t hurt as long as you eat them in moderation.

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