Why An Adult All-Girls Holiday Is Good For You

Tucked in a cashmere blanket, overlooking the sea with the clear, blue sky displaying the magic of the moonlight, gazing the sea and the stars surrounding atmosphere to create a harmonious ambience. My friend sat on my right blissfully eating her meal while I sipped my beauty skin smoothes, I realised this getaway has intensified, and solidify our friendship. Gone are the days, I felt that my first holiday has to be with a significant other, but this time away has been an enriching experience. Fola has seen me through bad breakups, little successes, my growth from being insecure to this woman I’m becoming, classing her as my sister from another mother in the process.

The older we get, life completely comes in the way affecting friendships with your girls only to salvage it by the odd brunch, facetime and calls when our schedule is less free. In need of distressing, Fola and myself booked ourselves into a hotel surrounded by the locals, beautiful scenery and the beach. For the next four days, we both enjoyed time away from everything in this tropical country, with no interruptions and a place to catch up while we enjoyed the sunshine.

There’s something wildly freeing about the moment I stepped off the aeroplane in Portugal. Leaving the domesticity of London to spending time with my friend who’s interest aligned with mine made me feel happier and younger. All I had to worry about was my outfit choice, and restaurants to dine in. While others have an alcohol-fuelled holiday, we had sangria to commensurate our first night in a different country. After our first treats of alcohol, and churros, we carried on the healthy eating path.

We let our guard down when we are in a peaceful environment with the sun beaming through the windows at early hours of the morning, and the breeze gently cooling you down, it lets your mind wonder, kicking off the reflective side of the brain. With the unlimited time on our hands, we spoke about issues that were weighing us down, and look for ways to get out of the situation and feelings. It was the perfect time to be fully attentive, and supportive of each other.

Forgetting your eyebrow pencil, lipstick, and toothpaste will be a little stress-free because you know you can rely on your friend to have hers packed.

Unintentionally, I went on a social media detox, and I didn’t realise that I had gone days without tweeting until I got back to London. I guess I was busy enjoying the moment and having fun.

Listening to afrobeat on our way to the beaches, sight-seeing, and endless laughs during dinner have made me cherish this moment and has my fingers itching to have an All Girls holiday soon.

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