Exploring the Private Beaches and Caves In Algarve

I’ve always been a sucker for finding new locations to visit, shoot and keep as a valuable memory. Scrolling through Instagram of my favourites, seeing breathtaking scenery and wishing I was at the same spot with them sipping healthy smoothies while taking the perfect shot has inspired me to be adventurous on my holiday. As a tourist in a country that is two thousand km from London, Portugal feels like home. So it was inevitable for myself and my friend, Fola, to quickly adapt to our new scenery by exploring the town.

On the main dual carriageway heading towards the Praia da Rocha beach, Portimao sits on the bank of the river that lays endless cruise boats, speed boats and jet skis with the sea cruises rep ready to approach and entice tourist into joining them on a sea cruise to explore their caves and private beaches. On our way to discover the highly recommended picturesque beach, Praia da Rocha, we were stopped by two sea cruise rep and settled on the Ophelia because it promised to have bbq on one of the private beaches, making it the perfect place to capture amazing pictures for Bumascloset and content for my youtube channel.

However, we were hesitant to pay the full price upfront, as we didn’t want to be naive and get scammed out of our money, so we put down a deposit of ten Euros, gave our hotel name and room then booked it on our last day in the country. After all, doing all the interesting and amazing things on the last day will make it a memorable event that I would forever cherish. Late for the cruise, myself and Fola ran to avoid missing the boat, but it was deemed unnecessarily when the boat left the dock thirty minutes later. Well, at least the running was a good five-minute exercise, making it part of our keeping healthy during the holiday regime.

Tourism, Private Beaches, Caves In Algarve, Picturesque destination, Holiday Destination, Beautiful white sandy beaches, Ferragudo, Carvoeiro, Algar Seco, Carvalho, Benagil, Marinha, Sra Da Rocha, Armacao de pear, Ophelia sea Cruise, Holiday, Travel,With the boat sailing along the coast of the Portimao sea, the wind and breeze got strong, and soon we were introduced to the Ferragudo, Carvoeiro, Algar Seco, Carvalho, Benagil, Marinha, Sra Da Rocha beaches, on the look out we came across some beautiful caves ever seen in my life. As the boat stopped, we got on the speedboat to explore the caves. It felt me in awe. Thirty minutes later, and our boat sailed to the last beach, Armacao De Pera, for the BBQ, sunbathing and pictures taking. It was incredible, and I’d recommend this cruise for anyone planning to holiday in Portimao, Algarve to give the cruise a try. Also, note that if you’re going on the cruise make sure you have sea sick tablets to avoid feeling ill as the boat rocks.