Summer Must Haves: Bold Accessories

While rings and earrings remain dainty in my accessories wardrobe, it leaves the door opened for earrings and bracelets to take the spotlight this summer. Although I’m not one for statements pieces, these three accessories have peaked my interest enough to reign supreme in my wardrobe this season.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend with dangling, tassel earrings on shopping websites, Instagram, your fav celebs and magazines. These earrings beg for glam, entrance-making, jaw-dropping mysterious vibes that pair well with a slick back bun, or ponytail, red lip with the most simple elegant dress demanding attention with every head tilt. And in recent days, I wore these gorgeous tassels on my mum’s birthday and took it on holiday with me. It’s an earring that deserves to be shown off. River Island Earrings

Travel, Womenswear, Accessories, Gold embellished bracelet, Seasons after seasons, I’ve gone without accessorising my wrist with gorgeous bracelets that have grasped my attention while shopping, as having a small wrist has become a disadvantage when it comes taking home bracelets that make bold, sophisticated statement. Embellished with stones in different shapes and sizes, this bracelet pairs perfectly well with my wardrobe transforming my entire look. Bracelet Travel, Womenswear, Accessories, Gold embellished bracelet, Love Bracelet, Many times people express wearing their heart on their sleeves as a way to convey their feelings when dating, I’ve taken it a step further by introducing this statement bracelet with crafted heart shapes into my wardrobe. This piece defines my view in the world, wearing my heart on my wrist while making a fashion statement that guarantees head tilt. It’s one of a kind and has fast become my favourite. Topshop Bracelet 

Which accessory is your favourite? Are you tassel craze? Or a bracelet fanatic?