3 Highlighters For The Goddess Glow

A little dab on the cheekbones, bridge of your nose, or mixed into your moisturiser to add a touch of glow to your base, you can’t deny that highlighters have had a surge in popularity over the past year becoming your favourite MUA, and celebrities go-to for a dewy, wet finish. And it’s fastly become one of my go-to.

With the rise in the need to make our face have a healthy glow, it’s difficult to find highlighters that would create the desired effect of capturing and reflecting light at the precise place while defining the bones on our face. When picking out the makeup products that will cater to the desired look for my trip to Paris, I stumble across over ten highlighters, all which provide different functions, some of the products are either old and overused, you could see the bottom of the pan in the middle while the others became forgotten treasures. That said, these are the three products that are worth mentioning.

Iconic Illuminator in Glow

When the most sort after highlighter arrived in my post, this concentrated liquid gold in a 13.5ml bottle with pipette has become part of my makeup routine by adding a drop into my foundation, or moisturiser, creating a “natural effect” that’s stunning as the lights accentuate the cheekbones, chin, and eyebrows

Because of the intensity of this liquid glow, a little dab on the face or drip into the products of your makeup collection goes a long way. I’ve made the mistake of applying this liquid alone as an enhancer on my cheekbone to achieve the wet look, but I ended up looking like the Tin Man from Wizard of OZ as it didn’t compliment my skin tone. However, that shouldn’t deter you from getting this product because it’s worth the raving.

Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer Brick Set

Giving a flush of youthful look to your face, I use this gem to finish off my look for that beautiful, subtle, but classy glow from within. On days I don’t have the time to spare for a full face makeup, I can rely on this lighter shade of the brick set to highlight my cheek bones, using the darker shade as a blusher then sweep some on my eyelids as an eyeshadow leaving the skin to feel warm and revitalised.

Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder

If you’re like me, I miss the summer before it ends so every chance I get to have a beautiful summer glow during the colder months, I grab the opportunity while I can. This compact gives a gorgeous glow to the face if you dust it all over, banishing the dullness of winter as it gives you a sun-kissed effect. This compact powder is a sheer, silky powder that features six shades of luminous colour that work together to illuminate areas of your face for a natural, brightened finish. On a full face makeup, the effects are subtle. However, you see its effect in all its glory when you have a natural makeup look.