How To Slay And Look Boujee On A Budget

There’s this notion people perceive when they meet me or snoop on my Instagram that I live a boujee lifestyle which couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, in all fairness, I can act like I’m Boujee because of the way I carry myself and curate my social media. Truth told I’m very smart with the outgoings from my bank account, and sometimes, I have my moments of getting carried away on special occasions.

We’ve all experienced moments in our lives when excess spending isn’t an option due to unexpected bills, change in careers, saving for a mortgage and much more. During this period of our lives, we have to be smarter to put a stop to our spending habits, or budget to get the things you want. Trust me, University and unemployment for a year taught me the game of budgeting while looking and feeling boujee. That said, I still prioritize the important things first before splurging on items. So here are my top tips on ways to look expensive and classy while on a budget.

How To Slay And Look Boujee On A BudgetPersonal Grooming
I can’t stress the importance of looking after yourself. There’s nothing worse than a dirty looking, or unhygienic person covered head to toe in gorgeous pieces. It’s so important that your nails, eyebrows, and hair looks well put together. And you don’t have to break the bank doing it. In regards to the manicure, you can always do a DIY, use your favorite nail color on your fingers, go to cheap places to get your eyebrows done. For example, in London, we have places like Upton Park, Elephant castle that has eyebrows and nail stylist for cheap, wherever you are, go to places like that. However, only select good cheap places, you don’t want your eyebrows messed up. Wearing deodorant, and having detangled hair is a good way to look put together.

A perfect example is Rihanna. Every day is a runaway platform for her, showcasing the latest wear and doing it with confidence.

Neutral and a pop of colour lipstick is the trick
There’s a sheer sense of sophistication, class, and elegance when a woman has a red or nude lipstick. It gives you confidence that can’t match, brightens up your face giving you a femme fatale look that will get you noticed. Nude lipsticks are easier to wear, gives off a subtle, classy, and fresh look. It’s fast become a classic. You can find a good shade of nude, and red lipstick in the high street aisle of a beauty store.

Discount codes are your best friend!
I’m going to let you in on a secret. The rich people you see parading the streets with their Harrods, Selfridge, Harvey Nichols bags often ask the Sales assistant to discount the price of an expensive item that they want, scouring the internet for discount codes on an item they want to buy. I’ve seen and heard such transactions take place, with Jenny Campbell confirming that she loves to look for the good discount code. So you shouldn’t be any different. Sometimes I spend half an hour looking for discount codes that are 10, 20, or 30 percent off when online shopping. And with free browser extensions like Pouch that saves you time looking for a discount code, these extensions recognize the website you’re about to shop and displays the best available voucher codes for that store.

Neutrals clothing are the best
A long-time reader of Bumascloset would notice that I’m often in white, gray, pink and blue clothing, with the exception burgundy you see me wear during the colder months. As seen in my pictures, I give off the vibe of simple, chic, classy person by pairing the gray skirt with a white top, accessorized with a gold belt, and red lipstick on my lips. The look is a perfect transitional look taking you from day-to-night with heels.

There are reasons for all white outfit parties, celebrities, and Instagrammers wearing nudes, these outfits when wore or paired together give an essence of class, sophisticated look, and the opportunity to play around with other colors and going wild with your imagination. A white shirt loosely unbuttoned, with a rolled up cuff paired with blue, yellow, red, burgundy, purple jeans, or trousers, or skirts can give that effortless off-duty “model” look.

How To Slay And Look Boujee On A BudgetWalking
Saving some money rather than spending it on a bus, Uber or taxi fare while getting a light cardio, keeping fit without the gym is a win win situation for me. Walking is super therapeutic, listening to music as you analyze the ways to improve your day tomorrow, and schedule or plan for the week ahead. It provides light cardio, toning your legs with every step you take. Pause, I got that song by the artist The Police every breath you take because of the last sentence stuck in my head now. lol Anyways, I only have my toned legs because of walking, not the gym. You can show off your outfits too.

Shop Smarter

It’s tempting to want the latest trends in your wardrobe without considering if you want, or need it. The first thing I do before I head off to the shopping center to browse, try on and buy at home with the discount codes, is check through my wardrobe to see the clothes I have, mentally note them then think of shops that might have them in stock. Once I get to the shop, I know the exact pieces that can elevate my wardrobe, transforming them into new outfits or stocking up on makeup I need for the month. I don’t often shop during the Sales as I don’t consider them a bargain. My reasons for that notion is that most clothes are secretly faulty (the fitting doesn’t sit right, a zipper is worn out, threads are coming off), three seasons ago and the stores are finding ways to get rid of it. I’m only a fan of Sales when an item I went to bed in tears is in the Sales category and I’m still in love with the item. It shows that the pieces and me belong together.

Power of the way you carry yourself
Exuding confident, and showcasing yourself in a classy manner sells the outfit to people. A perfect example is Rihanna. Every day is a runaway platform for her, showcasing the latest wear and doing it with confidence. The only difference is the price of the clothes, but I know the outfits I wear are just as gorgeous as hers. Little things like wearing red, doing my skincare routine or walking bring joy to my heart because I know I’m not breaking the bank to afford a lifestyle. Remember everything in life isn’t permanent that’s the bad and good news. Keep your head down, as you work towards your goals, and dreams in a focused mental state before you know it, life will work itself out.