The Reality Of Holiday With Kids

Left with the burden of the guilt over the Portugal trip without the kids, the idea of visiting Paris and Disneyland was born. Minutes into agreeing, I envisioned the perfect outfits and sceneries pairing suited for my channel and the blog. Daydreaming in blissful ignorance, I was in for a rude awakening about the difficulty of dealing with kids on holiday, making me question if having kids is for me.

One of the features of being a singleton without kids is having the freedom to explore the city or country as you soak up the culture, guide book in your hand, meandering through the street and sampling local delicacies in cafes brimming with characters. Getting ready early to have a good head start, and coming home late without feeling guilty. However, that draws to an end when kids are involved.

At my last holiday, I was beaming with joy and filled with the excitement of the adventure that awaits me, eagerly making my way to the departure gate, and strolling through the duty-free aisles to make any last minute holiday purchase. Once the aeroplane has taken off, I put on my headphones to listen to songs cutting out the noise around me. This time around, I’ve had to walk at a slower pace, sparing extra minutes for toilet breaks for the kids, hoarding the kids to walk fast to avoid slowing down the queue. During the check-in process, we had to take turns of sorting out the passports as the other looks after the kids. It was a struggle, especially on our way to Paris as the kids moaned over one thing after the other. I was mentally and physically tired before we got to Paris.

I may have had a blip of my biological clock tick last year, now, I feel I might revert to my old mentality.

The next morning after getting into Portugal, I woke up in a King’s sized bed feeling refreshed, quickly got myself ready then made my way down to the town for breakfast and ready to take on the city. It was bliss!. While in Paris, I woke up late and grumpy, we would switch on the Tv for the kids, as we get ourselves ready before getting the kids ready. This process takes hours before you know it, It’s 2 pm with six hours left to explore a small part of the city. During that period, we dealt with toilet breaks, the kids moaning about being bored, hungry again, and tired to the extent you feel worn down, cutting the day short. I was incredibly annoyed at the fact that I didn’t get my money’s worth during this holiday.

Holidays with Young Kids – Expectation vs RealityThe restaurants’ option is limited because you have to consider the kids before yourself which involves settling for a mediocre restaurant with minimum dietary options for yourself, yet, somehow, the kids eat nothing but chips as your devour unfilling and tasteless meal, wasting hard earned euros in the process.

I may have had a blip of my biological clock tick last year, now, I feel I might revert to my old mentality. Banishing kids from my wedding, and saying no to holiday trips that involve kids. They are hard work that requires constant attention, and I don’t have the time and patience.

P.s I don’t have kids, I’m writing from experience with holidaying with my friend and her kids.