Why You Should Learn To Date Yourself

Inspired by a colleague, I resumed the habit of taking myself out on a date. As much as I love spending time with my friends, and family, it’s essential to spend time with myself outside the four corner walls of my room. Recently, I’ve developed the lazy bone, get over zealous about canceled plans, stewing in my PJs, as I click the next episode of a newly addictive TV series, and binge eating my way through life. In the midst of my rut, I planned a day of exploring London and watched a movie, Girls Trip, which was incredible.

Any guy that comes my way to offer anything less will get shown the door. It’s that simple.

Over taken by the freedom, and fun I had with myself I subconsciously noted down the reasons I would recommend taking yourself out on a date to single girls, and the ones in a relationship. Forget the pitiful stare you receive from a waiter that ask if you’re dining alone or waiting for someone, awkward looks from people across the room wondering if you’re a loner or miserable and indulge in self-discovery that will benefit the soul, mind, and spirit for the better. Here are reasons why it’s an absolute must to take yourself out on a date

There’s no need to compromise
It’s a tiring cycle taking other people’s want and feelings into consideration when ordering a drink, places to dine, sights to see and much more. Being by yourself you could easily transport yourself from places to places, going to places you’ve always wanted to go but loved ones weren’t interested, eating food without wondering about the price tags or splitting the bills with no set plans which makes the day exciting and mysterious. For the single ladies, It’s a way to meet new people or a man, that’s if you’re looking for one. However, I wouldn’t say you should do this if your sole purpose is to meet a guy. It’s all about self-discovery.

You’re never going to escape yourself because your body is the car your soul drives. No matter the circumstances the love you have for yourself will determine the moves you make in life. People that love themselves want the best in life, and that means progressing in life, making the best decisions for themselves and living a life that isn’t full of regrets. That love radiates within you and helps sets the standard for what you want in love also. A guy that knows you love yourself and know your standard will rise to meet them or bow out and make room for someone better. Take me for example, I like fine dining, traveling, and indulge in luxury and that’s because I can afford that lifestyle. Any guy that comes my way to offer anything less will get shown the door. It’s that simple.

Finding peace of mind
There’s a difference between having a busy, productive day to having a busy day. Often, people indulge in keeping themselves busy for good reasons. Perhaps you’re going through a breakup, family crisis, friends drama whatever the situation your passion or work would keep you busy instead of analyzing your situations, asking questions to solve your problems. While you’re introspectively silent, this will allow you to face the truths about your situations and in the cause of that, you’ll find the solutions to fix your problems. And it will bring you peace of mind and peace of self.

Dress for yourself
You know that attire you’ve always wanted to wear but couldn’t because your friends or significant other will judge you for it, this time around you don’t have to take their opinions on board because you’re dressing for yourself. F what people would think and do you. Make yourself happy because you’re worth it. Sometimes it’s also a way to get dolled up and impress yourself.

It’s all about finding that happiness within yourself, healing your scars and discovering new things in your town or city. Remember you’re worthy of the love you’re trying to give others.