How To Look Incredibly Good In The Colder Months

A typical blogger or British person would often talk about the colder months in a mesmerizing manner. You know the leaves turning golden brown, falling from the trees, and the scrunching noise you hear walking on them, their need for a cup of tea after a long day battling the cold outside, the cozy feeling of the heat flowing through the house, adding autumnal and winter collections to create layers that would keep them warm through the seasons.

I prefer to keep my mental health stable rather than rock the latest trends.

As they explain their reasons, I stand amazed at their love for the colder months, yet the same people would complain about having seasonal affective disorder, which is something I experience during the autumnal, and winter seasons, and expect you to feel sorry for them every time they fall sick. In all honesty, I prefer to keep my mental health stable rather than rock the latest trends. That said, I can’t prevent the inevitable, but I can adapt and prepare for the colder months.

Adios Summer clothes

One thing I do agree is that Autumnal and winter dressing is an art form that needs lots of closet space which mean Adios summer wardrobe and hello! Jackets, sweaters, boots and cape blazers. This time of the year it’s always a painful experience folding my loved summer collections as the pieces stay in the store room alone waiting to see the spring season. It also gives you the opportunity to sell the items, and make some money or send it off to charity.

Go Shopping and doing it in a smart way

The stores are currently oozing with red hues, suede texture as they inject the grays in various clothing styles, jackets, tops, knitwears, trousers, shoes, and bags with the out pours of white and burgundy. All the different textures, colors, and style can often make shopping difficult especially when you’re clueless on the items you need. A good indicator to decided whether an item should come home with you is when you don’t hmm, or ah or say I have something like that at home. This year I’m determined to renew my coats and jackets section, as I’ve gotten a lot of wear from my old ones, and it’s time to showcase new jackets to you and rock it with exciting finds I buy. Boots, scarfs, and gloves are on my autumnal “need” list.

Bag it in.
During the winter months, I tend to opt for larger tote bags to ensure I have enough room for my scarves, gloves, and sometimes umbrellas that I tend to misplace, break or forgotten on the train. I’ve done some bags shopping that I can’t wait to show you. I hope you like them as much as I do!.

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