My Latest Accessory – Decadence With Marc Jacobs

I’m in the family’s study room, watching youtube videos and looking through the current pictures I took this week when I had a sudden realisation that I haven’t blogged about this perfume. As soon as I saw the photograph, the Marc Jacobs Decadence came sniffing through my nose, locating the memories that the notes conjured from my mind which has prompted me to grab the perfume, spray it on my wrist to iterate the scent on the post.

The scent of the perfume is unlike any scents from my perfume wardrobe, yet I’m trying to differentiate if it’s the perfect daytime or nighttime use. It’s an elegant and feminine scent, yet sexy and sultry. The Bulgarian rose lingers with the note of jasmine sambac and liquid amber that smells gorgeous for the daytime transitioning into an exotically rich smell for nighttime. And that’s the beauty of Decadence, the textured arched shaped cap, with a gold chain look was the object that drew me to step into the store to make the purchase. It embodies the spirit of luxury with the opulent details, rendered in the palette of emerald green. It sprung into my mind instantly; it reminisces craftmanship inspired by one of Marc Jacob’s iconic handbags with the python pattern.

The sensual woody scent symbolises the ultimate in feminine glamour and sophistication which I would mostly wear during the evening, as it has the mature rich and warm that comes with when you’re feeling your best. Perhaps, evening out with your friends dining at the Claridge restaurant, or any restaurant of your choice, or a luxurious setting that matches your sassy attitude and enhances your seductiveness. I think It’s time to attract lots of attention, capture the minds of those that are curious to stop and ask what perfume you have on. It works nicely well with my chemistry, and I’m sure it will work beautifully on yours.

Are you ready to indulge yourself in luxury? Text your friends for a quick catch up, find your favourite dress for the evening and top it off with a spritz of Marc Jacobs Decadence on the pulse point of your body; the wrists, neck, and collar of your neck.