The Golden Compass

Have you ever thought back on your memories, immediately cringe at the awful mistakes you’ve made or smile from ear to ear at your brilliant, and happy memories? Sometimes, a walk down memory lane of my past helps connect the dots to what made me the woman that I am today. That’s the sheer brilliance of the life we live.

As mentioned many times, I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing, humiliating, heartbreak yet in a brilliant twist beautiful stories that I can’t wait to tell my grandkids. It all started with The Golden Compass. Once upon a time, I use to be extraordinarily brave, diving heads first before thinking about the situation at hand, thus making me the courageous person that I am despite the disappointment in life. During my years in secondary school, I had my share of developing crushes on boys that weren’t all that interested. At the time, you could say I wasn’t the best looking girl at school, neither did my womanly posture sprouted out during this stage yet I aimed for my targets with confidence, to which I’m glad God rescued me from the bad experience I could have had with these two guys. One, in particular, let’s call him D. I had the longest crush on D throughout my school year despite having a brief “boyfriend” at the time or asking out the American student that stood me up on our supposed date which in turn birth – Dating Myself.

Think to yourself – what’s the one thing you regret that has caused the ripple effect and changed you as a person.

Let’s just say D was a troubled boy who has been to jail the last time I heard while the American student has a baby with a “crazy” baby mama, has jumped in my DMs to compliment me on my beauty. If you’re in secondary school or high school like the Americans call it, and going through your ugly duckling phase getting insulted over your looks or the boys not checking you out, or getting stood up, they will check for you when you’re a beautiful swan. I promise you. I’m not taking the joy out of their demise, but I am thankful they aren’t part of my present and God rescued me from the unknown.

Forward to my college years. I learned a lot in regards to friendships and standing up for myself. The lessons I learned contribute to the present because I don’t have FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome. Well, other issue took place that eventually got me to this stage in life (FOMO).

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Forward to my University years, I had a blast with the people I met along the way. There are some that are still on my journey with me while the rest have moved on with their lives, and striving in their chosen field. During this time of my life, I learned about self-acceptance, self-love, and resisting the bad things that, once, wanted to lure me into the dark path of life. What I’m trying to get across to you, and myself included, is that perhaps having my innocence changed into an experience isn’t a bad thing. I wouldn’t have gotten to this stage of my life if it wasn’t the mistakes I’ve made in the past. Life has a way of happening even when we try to control it. Slowly, I’m learning to let life be and just go with the flow with common sense, prayers, and confidence in God.

Think to yourself – what’s the one thing you regret that has caused the ripple effect and changed you as a person. If you’re the worse situation at present, what lesson have you learned and what are the ways you’d apply this to change the cause of the ripple effect in the future.

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