Jane Iredale Magic Mitt Review

Intrigue was the first emotion that came to my mind, with questions running through my head when this product landed on my lap at an event I attended. Often, I’m always thrilled when it comes to skincare products, this time I had my eyebrows raised due to the promise of delivering new technology that needs warm water to dampen a mitt, removing makeup without leaving the skin feeling tight. What’s so magical about this Mitt? Is there a cleanser that’s laced with the Mitt to require warm water only? Also, what are the ways to wash the mitts? Are they washable? To subdue the questions, I went on their website to do a little bit of research for clarification before embarking on to wear makeup on my makeup free day as an experiment to see the result I’m guaranteed to get.

Skincare Routine, DIY Skincare Routine, Facial Cleanser 2017, Magic Mitt, Jane Iredale Magic Mitt is a knitted micro-fibre cleansing cloth that quickly and completely removes makeup using water only, promoting the health of the skin because it doesn’t affect the acid mantle. Made from a new generation of specially knitted micro-fibres thinner than a human hair which penetrates oil films. The hydro-mechanical process breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to the skin while the fibres gently exfoliate. The combination of warm water and micro-fibres turn the makeup into an emulsion that is swept away by the mitt. It also removes mascara! At ease, I felt confident in the hope the Mitt will work its magic, helping me wave goodbye to my cleansers in my beauty wardrobe.

It’s easy to use, dampen the mitt using the warm water from your bathroom tap, squeeze lightly to drip out excess water before using it. Both sides of the Mitt can be in the different area of the face. When you’re done using it, the mitts can be washed using a block of soap underneath the running tap water to remove any makeup residues. The Mitt feels soft on the skin, as it glides through to remove the makeup. It removed some makeup leaving 40% residue which I used two cleansers and a toner before having a cleansed face.

Personally, I wouldn’t use my hard earned money to purchase this mitt because it failed to guarantee its result. However, I would use it when I’m in the mood for a prolonged skincare routine day just for the sake of it.