Go-to Soft Food To Eat When Adult Teething

Guys, I’m adult teething. My wisdom teeth are coming out, causing the most horrible pain along with a stiff jaw which has made eating solid food unbearable. When I’m not eating well, providing my body with the right nutrients I’m not the happiest lady. Thus I’ve settled on soft meals that are filling and smooths my gums when chewing, without relying on the old faithful, soup. So I’m bringing you nutritious, tasty meals that would help ease your mouth and fill your stomach.

Go-to Soft Food To Eat When Adult TeethingAvacado and Crayfish
Typical of a blogger to recommend avocado right!? Before you judge, these meal is vegan and pescatarian friendly, providing the right nutrients you need to sustain a healthy diet. The health benefit from the crayfish is perfect for those with anaemia, like me, containing Iron that helps fight chronic fatigue along with muscle ache, headaches and spasms thanks to the source of magnesium found in Crayfish. It’s also high in protein which helps balance out the fat content found in Avacado. Among other health benefits, Avacado maintains the excellent moisture level in the epidermal layer of the skin that makes it look and feel soft and healthy. It also reduces skin irritation and redness. This meal is easy to chew, swallow without affecting the toothing side of the mouth.

Beans and Egg
It’s like eating a Full English Breakfast without the sausage, and buttered bread. Baked beans that are warm and mashed is the soft food you can rely on to give you the right nutrients and fill the stomach when paired with egg and juice of your choice.

Mashed Potatoes and Fish
It’s not shocking to find fish in my dietary as a soft food, but it’s the perfect meal to eat when you can’t swallow. The mash potatoes strike a healthy balanced diet that’s filling and easy to make. If you’re worried about the bones, a salmon fish is the best fix.

Five a day keeps the doctors away. Soft Peeled fruits like bananas, peaches, and melon that be cut into small pieces to make the chewing easier, or blended to make a smoothie. I prefer the smoothie option as it’s easier to make it a meal by adding your protein shakes, and greek yoghurt.

So far these meals have been my go-to, interchanging the meals to suit my cravings. If you’ve found any soft food that’s great during toothing don’t hesitate to let me know. Sharing is caring!