Five Reasons Why I Don’t Shop Sales And Why You Shouldn’t Too

Shopping is my favourite cardio and exercising my expensive habit during sales: Black Friday, Boxing Day, and New Years puts a strain on my physical, mental well being, and my account. Along the years of indulging my bad habits, and working in fields that entails customer behaviours, and fashion I noticed a pattern that occurs when I shopped in sales.

At a young age, I lived in style and expressing myself through them. Often like my mum thought me, quality over quantity, and if I can’t afford it, I should save. That has been my mantra and will continue to be it. So during my younger years, I would shop during sales to get clothes I couldn’t afford and save money for other miscellaneous things. But as I got older and educated myself through trial and error, I realise that shopping during the Sales period is absolute rubbish. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t succumb to the Sale’s Brain.

But the truth of the matter is, the items on sales are outdated, and stores are using the sales period as a way to replace the old trend with the new.

You’re Trying To Impress People
Our need for validation affects the way we shop during sales. Sometimes, you could be in financial difficulty while in most cases, it’s a chance to live up to a certain standard, and the ability to say a brand’s name when you get lucky with a good find. There are people on occasions that can’t afford the higher price point store, and the way to feel that they’ve bought an item from the name brand boosts their ego even though it doesn’t fit well, or look nice. Uttering the name of the brand gives them chills when people ask them. But that’s not enough to spend money on items that your wardrobe doesn’t need, or want. Remember you’re trying to save, not spend more.

It’s Trash Not A Bargain.
The next time you go to a store during the sales period, examine the quality of the fabric, the fit and conditions of the item because that would be a dead give away as to the reasons they are dominating the sales section. Stores are smart with their target to get every customer to part ways with their money. So when you see an item that dropped over 40% off, it means those were the items that were trialled and rejected. A well-made piece rarely languishes on the racks.

Let Go Of Your Fear Of Missing Out
Although sales or discount items happen every other week or month, Black Friday, Boxing Day shopping and New Years Eve shopping are yearly events that take place in some countries and bring out the bargain-hunting spirits within people. Thus, creating the concept of FOMO, and competitive spirit within people to get the best deal even though the item in question isn’t needed, or won’t enhance their style.

Boxing day, shopping, sales shopping, saving money, debt, money managementKeeping Up With Trends
Truthfully, this is an aspect I struggled with when I shopped during the sales. But the truth of the matter is, the items on sales are outdated, and stores are using the sales period as a way to replace the old trend with the new. So you’re literally will always be behind trends. Unless you snagged your self a classic item that will forever be on trend.

Maybe, A Shopaholic?
Perhaps, you’re a shopaholic that enjoys adding new items to your wardrobe every week, and taking part in the sales period often guarantee to have clothes for the seek of having it. Try to break the spontaneous activity by making a list of things you need, and purchase those items. If you can’t resist the temptation, have a friend that firm with her NOs, and would stop you.

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